On Aaril 6, 2019 StreeHeat-Ministries hosted the Frist Community Meet N'  Greet Picnic  in the Cobblestone Ridge Community. About one hundred & fifty  prople in the community came out in support of  this community event, Including  the City of NLV  Councilwoman, Pamela Brown & the city of NLV Building Code & Parking Enforcement agency came to educate  the community.    
In April 2019, StreeHeat-Ministries assisted New Life Christian Center  Church with their Community outreach Canvassing in  Las Vegas, NV. 

Where did 2019 go? I marvel at how fast time seems to fly by. The year 2019 was another very productive year for StreeHeat-Ministries. Thanks to your faithful contributions, we sponsored numerous activities that supported communities through individual outreach.


This year with your support we sponsored the first community Meet’n Greet picnic in the Cobblestone Ridge Community in NLV, Nevada and the Las Vegas area. We also assisted with a community health fair in North Las Vegas. About 150 people came out in support of this community event.


This year through outreach programs, 600 nonperishable food bags were distributed to the homeless in the Las Vegas area, along with 2,650 16oz bottles of water.  


A total of 182 Bibles, 779 tracts concerning God’s plan for salvation, 50 Free Prescription Discount Cards, 422 Bottles of Hand Sanitizers, 35 Homeless Resource Guides, 450 bottles of apple juices and 150 bottles of body lotions were distributed throughout the North Las Vegas and Las Vegas, Nevada area.  

0ur StreeHeat-Ministries’ website was visited by 2,550 viewers this year. All of this would not have been possible without you!!!!

From Jan 1, to December 7, 2018  StreeHeat-Ministries Staff and Volunteers distributed 4.000.00 bottles of water to the homeless, 659 non-perishable small food bags, 500 free prescription discount cards to  the public, 326.00 Tracts concerning God's plan for salvation, 101 Homeless Resource Guides,  87 Bibles and 100 bottles of hand sanitizers

According to the 2018 Southern Nevada Homeless Census and Survey, on any night there are more than 6,000. individuals experiencing homelessness in Southern Nevada. This includes people residing on the streets, in parks, in shelters and transitional housing programs.

This year Jan  through Dec 2017 our food bank program, 525 bags of nonperishable food were distributed to the homeless in the Las Vegas area, along with 75 cases of water totaling  2,625  16oz  bottles of water.


A total of 266 Bibles, 1,454 tracts concerning God’s plan for salvation and 2,718 Free Prescription Discount Cards were distributed throughout parts of Chicago, Illinois, Arizona & Nevada. Also, our

Website has been reviewed by 2,111 visitors.


Hello everyone and Happy New Year to all.    Another great year has come,  and Gods word is still moving forward.   Thanks to all the Donors  in 2012.   On numiours  cold cold days  in Janurday  2013  in Chicago,  Brother George  Vaughn  from StreeHeat -Ministries  Canvass door to door,  on the Southside, making face to face contact with people  passing out Tracts,  concerning Gods plan for savlation, Free Prescription Discount Cards and  2013 Wall Calendars.   1,136 Tracts,   2,272 Pescription  Discount  Cards  and   200.00   Hundred   Calendars  were Distributed.  See above pictures

On Wednesday & Thursday December  26 & 27, 2012 President George from StreeHeat-Ministreies, closing  out the year with a door to door canvass in North Las Vegas Nevada, Passing out 450 Tracts concerning Gods plan of Salvation, 900.00 Free Prescription Discount  Cards,  2013 Monthly Planners  & Wall Calendars.

On Aug 11, 2012 StreeHeat-Ministries particpated  in the Shell Road Appreciation  Historic Event

in Hampton Virginia.  Seventy Bibles were given out  in the back to school  supplies packs.  Five Thousand

 Free Presciption Discount  Cards, and Five Hundred Tracts concerning God's plan of Salvation  were given

out to the public.

George Canvasses from the world's largest Truckstop in Davenport , Iowa.  From Ann Arbor,  Michigan to Chesterton, Indiana  over five-hundred and fifty (550)  Tracts concerning God's plan  of Salvation and 1,100 Free Presciption Discount Cards were given out to five-hundred and fifty over the road  truck drivers.  

On Sunday June  24 , 2012 after a Great Worship  Service at the Apostolic  Church of Tipton in  Iowa,  George Canvass  a Senior Housing Community  in Tipton Iowa,  passing out  50 Tracts Concerning God's plan of Salvation, and 100 Free Prescription Discount Cards .

The above pictures are from the  Memorial Day Outreach Event on Monday May 28, 2012 . George from StreeHeat-Ministries,spend time passing out  water, Bibles, & tracts to the homeless, at  D- Street  & Washington in Las Vegas.   This woman was  in a wheelechair, she was so excited  because she will be getting housing on June 15 , 2012.  Praise the Lord God.  

Under the overpass, prayer for the homeless was held .  The homeless  had a campfire set up in the middle of the encampment  with a pot. 


 Pictures of the June 25, 2011  Health Fair Event in Aurora Illinois.   StreeHeat-Ministriec , Inc.

 Bibles, Tracts, 2011 Wall Calendars were distributed.



Pictures from the outreach Health Fair events  held on March 28, 2010 and Oct 16, 2010 in  Aurora, Illinois.  StreeHeat-Ministries, Inc.  distributed the Following :  one hundred and twenty- five  King James Version  Bibles, fourty- five  King James Version Bibles on Audio C.D. of the New Testament,  two-hundred tracts,twenty- five -2011 wall calendars, twenty- 2011 monthly planners, and fifty-three-ink-pens.